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Timber Block's Berghaus Model 


1 Mezzanine

5 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

1 Fire place

The Berghaus from the new Farmhouse collection blends perfectly with any environment. You will fall under the spell of its modern and architectural style. Its huge windows provide a beautiful luminosity in each room that adds a refined touch.  Its large open and very bright areas will give us a beautiful vast impression.

Features & Dimensions

  • 1754.25 sq. ft. Total


   The Berghaus model includes:

  • Dining Room: 12′-10″ X 13′-1″

  • Kitchen: 20′-6″ X 8′-6″

  • Living Room: 10′-3'' X 13′-1″

  • Bedroom 1: 10′-9″ X 11′-5″

  • Bedroom 2: 10′-1″ X 11′-5″

  • Bedroom 3: 10′-1″ X 11′-5''

  • Bedroom 4: 9'-5'' X 12'-3''

  • Bedroom 5: 11'-11'' X 12'-3''

Prime Vacation Rental Market


Unsurprisingly, the most compelling reason to rent out any property is to earn money. However, you may be someone who is hesitant to rent and prefers to wait to sell their property to turn a profit. If so, there are many reasons to reconsider. 

On one hand, renting out your chalet or condo in Mont-Tremblant provides you with additional income to meet your financial needs, while your property continues to appreciate in value. 

As the demand keeps growing for vacation properties in Mont-Tremblant, so will your property’s market value.


On the other hand, renting out your property is a great way to help cover the costs of owning the property without dipping into your primary source of income. Owning property can be expensive and a property in Fraternité-sur-Lac will give you more financial freedom while still growing your investment.

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