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Club de la Pointe

Exclusive to property

owners and their guests.

Owners and guests of Fraternité-sur-Lac are granted privileged access to  Club de la Pointe, a bonafide playground boasting a slew of relaxation, leisure, and sports activities.

Built on a sweeping peninsula on the majestic Lac Supérieur (no motors) and accessible from your cottage by the Rivière Verte trail, the Club de la Pointe offers a wide range of services.

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Villageois Center

Convenient services on-site

Just a few feet from the Club de la Pointe, you'll find the shops and amenities of the Centre Villageois, providing owners with added value and convenience.

  • General Store

  • Coffee/Bistro 

  • Nordic Spa

  • SAQ (liquor store)

  • ​Post Office

  • Restaurant 

  • Outdoor and recreation store

  • Reception and rental desk

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