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Timber Block's Stockholm 1 Model 

1 Dining/Living Room

2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1 Carport

1 Fire place

Stockholm 1 is one of the newest models to be added to the Classic Series. While the features are consistent with a classic style home, unique additions give this home a modern “flare” resulting in a design so ideal you’ll cherish this home forever. The exterior boasts an outdoor fireplace embedded in beautiful stonework, with large, beautiful windows on either side. The added carport is not only convenient but adds plenty of charm.


Heading inside, an open design features a kitchen made for those who love to cook, with an island space large enough to enjoy conversations. Upstairs, you’ll find a loft that’s open to below, which includes a large bedroom area and full bath, plus sitting space for peace and quiet. The master bedroom with double closets and a full bath complete this picture-perfect home.

Features & Dimensions

  • 1651sq. ft. Total


   The Stockholm model includes:

  • Dining & living room: 17’-4” X 23’-6”

  • Kitchen: 17’-4” X 12’-2”

  • Bedroom (1): 17’-4’’ X 10’-6’’

  • Bedroom (2): 20’-0’’ X 11’-6’’

  • Living room (2): 17’-6’’ X 8’-3’’

  • Bedroom (2): 17’-4’’ X 14’-1’’

Prime Vacation Rental Market


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